The Stonehenge Map

By Garth Weston

Stonehenge is the most celebrated prehistoric monument in the world. The books and articles published about it would fill a small library. The monument has been examined in minute detail. Yet enigmas remain. Why was this spot venerated for some 1500 years? Why were heavy blocks of stone transported from south-west Wales to Stonehenge when more suitable stone was available less than twenty miles away? The map provides explanations.

Garth Weston

Dr Garth Weston has spent four decades investigating the influence of landscape features and the major directions on the location and design of stone circles, henges and standing stones. Regional surveys of these intriguing structures were published in Monuments and Mountains (2007). A catalogue provides the topographical and inter-site relationships of over 1,600 monuments.

Directions and Landmarks

Direction Indicators

The Location of Stonehenge

The Structure of Stonehenge

The Mystery of the Bluestones

Important Monuments

Sanctuaries and Summits

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